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There are a number of energy efficiency rebates available through the State of Washington and the utility companies.

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Plumbing is something you don’t want to think about It just needs to give you hot consistent showers, keep your washer going, and never make itself known by scent or drip. It should be quiet, efficient, and work when you need it.

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Heating and air conditioning is so much more than temperature, it’s the key to the environment of your home or workplace. It’s the way buildings breathe. It is also a key element to energy conservation and day to day cost control.

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Our plumbing and HVAC techs are available to your at your worst moments, just a phone call away.

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Kysar Mechanical has been in Lincoln County providing quality mechanical services for 17 years. We know the faith you put in a mechanical contractor on your residential or commercial project. You deserve efficient and safe air and water, and a building that is properly sealed and works the way it should. These are important things, not just for safety but for cost. A poorly designed and installed mechanical system can cost you time and money. A well designed and installed mechanical system not only saves you money on utility bills, but may pay you back in energy rebates and tax credits. Most importantly, working with us is about people and accountability. It is important to us that you feel a part of our team and communicate as best we can. We want to be available to you both while we’re in construction and afterward, with responsible upkeep and maintenance. Walk through the site with us and learn a little about some of the renewable energy solutions emerging. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office, email us, or stop by and see us at 504 Morgan in Davenport.

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Dave Kysar

Dave has extensive experience in plumbing, HVAC, radiant heat and geothermal.

David Hiler

HVAC /Geothermal Installation
David is well versed in all aspects of HVAC, geothermal and radiant heat installation.

Jon Tanninen

Jon understands plumbing, he’s good at it, and he’s been doing it a long time.


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